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Why Is June the Month for Magical Weddings?


All brides and grooms have different outlooks on how they want their wedding: from renting the best limousine services in Las Vegas to choosing the venue and attires. Some like summery weddings on the beach, while others opt for December weddings on a chilly mountaintop. But more often than not, couples often anticipate the month of June as the day for their fairytale weddings.

So, why is June such a preferred month for couples?

  • June is an homage to Juno or Hera.
    Derived from the name of the queen of the gods, June is used to honor Juno’s role as the goddess of fertility and marriage. Thus, weddings are best held during this blessed month.
  • June is considered an off-peak season.
    June is not always considered a peak season for events since it is a month in the middle of summer. Booking your wedding on a weekday also saves you more money. You can rent our luxury transportation in Las Vegas, Nevada, to take you to your perfect destination when the time comes.
  • The perfect month to hold outdoor events.
    June is often sunny, which provides the perfect ambiance for any wedding. You can even utilize outdoor spaces, especially in good weather. You can rely on our events transportation in Nevada for easy access to niche destinations.

Life’s special occasions are meant to be celebrated, especially weddings or anniversaries. At Lion Transportation, LLC, we aim to help you celebrate these two important events in your life by providing you with transportation services that are worthy of these occasions.

We offer a fleet of vehicles, such as our sleek party bus rentals in Nevada, that are sure to appeal to your tastes. For more details, please call 702-927-2281.

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