Top Things You Can Do In Vegas (Aside from Gambling)

Top Things You Can Do In Vegas (Aside from Gambling)

If you’re traveling to the Sin City, there are lots of great sights you can go to aside from gambling. Here are the top three things you can do to fully enjoy the hidden gems of the Sin City.

  • View the entire city landscape in the best way.

    Take in a full panoramic view the Las Vegas at the Stratosphere Observation Deck. For the last years, the 1,149-feet tower has been voted the best place to view the city. The tower is several miles away from downtown, so consider hiring some limousine services in Las Vegas to easily get there.

  • Experience Vegas’ Little Italy.

    Let a gondolier take you on a classic riverboat cruise down the Grand Canals of Shoppes at the Venetian Hotel while serenading you. This little Vegas gem allows you to travel back in time and experience the romantic canals of Old Italy.

  • Go racing.

    Ever dreamed of racing in style? Las Vegas has a number of racetracks that allows you to realize your dream. From Lamborghinis to Aston Martins, just take your pick and you’ll soon find yourself conquering a racetrack.

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