A Scenic Tour to Vegas to Celebrate the New Year

A Scenic Tour to Vegas to Celebrate the New Year

Whether it’s your first time in the City of Lights or not, you will surely have a good time. The whole place is exploding with life—a real party destination. However, you don’t have to be limited with just bright lights, casinos, and partying. When in Vegas, you can always do a scenic tour to celebrate the new year.

There are a lot of events transportation in Nevada that can offer a tour around the city. If you’re still wondering where to go, here are a few of the top places to see.

  • Visit the High Roller Ferris Wheel
  • Go and see the Grand Canyon
  • Check out the Mob Museum
  • Watch the famous fountain show in Bellagio Resort
  • Try gondola rides at the Venetian Hotel

These are only a few of the marvelous attractions. Getting a full experience of the city is quite easy, even for the first-timers. You can always get limousine services in Las Vegas and schedule the whole scenic tour.

Lion Transportation, LLC is one of the top providers of luxury transportation in Las Vegas, Nevada. They have an amazing fleet and skilled chauffeurs. Acquiring their services can entitle you to a secure and convenient trip around the city.

Reach out to us for more questions and check our website to book your trip. If you want to have a bit of unique nightlife experience, we also offer party bus rentals in Nevada.

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